4 Ways to Safely Extinguish a Candle

4 Ways to Safely Extinguish a Candle

Did you know there is more than 1 way to extinguish your candle? There are 4 safe ways actually! ⁠

The Drop - Just drop that lid right on top of the lit candle. The lack of oxygen will extinguish the flame and the smoke will stay inside the jar. ⁠This method can make your candle have a slightly smoky scent the next time you go to light it bc the smoke will have seeped into the wax. The smell should go away after a few minutes. 

The Dip - This smokeless method requires a special tool, but it's worth it! While the candle is lit dip the wick right down into the wax then pull it back up again so it's standing upright. The flame will be put out with no smoke! When you go to re-light the candle you'll just have to hold the lighter or match over the wick longer to melt the coating of wax around the wick. ⁠

The Snuff - Use a good old-fashioned candle snuffer to snuff out the flame. The snuffer makes it so that there is too little oxygen around the candle that it extinguishes. Or, if you're like us and impatient, you just tap the wick with the metal snuffer and the flame goes out. Either way, a snuffer does the trick. 

The Puff - The most simple method and probably the one you already use, just blow the flame out! This creates the most smoke as you're using forceful air to remove the flame but it also requires no tools or extra effort. 

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